08.03.07:Ninja update after two years. Ellade Drumkit. Enjoy!

06.08.05:Wow! It's been a long time. I'm sorry everyone. I'll make it up to you by hosting a new font. Check out TGSF21x, a very good GM font.

08.07.04: Added Florestan Woodwinds for extreme oboeage. Rock on my people.

06.25.04: Hey people. Here's a quick little update with a nice, small electic piano. Have fun.

03.29.04: Wow! Sorry about the lack of updates guys. Two new fonts up; some nice orch percussion sounds that you might find useful. Enjoy!

12.31.03: Happy New Year! Two new soundfonts are up! ^_^

12.29.03: Two new soundfonts up.

12.27.03: Well the server was hacked, so I had to reupload everything. I switched compression schemes to the sfpack format, because it provides a better compression ratio, which means smaller downloads for you (and faster uploads for me ^_^). In order to decompress the soundfonts, you'll need sfpack, which is available in the download area.

12.21.03: Put up a nice harp sound. I'm going to set up an email address later on, so people can email with requests for soundfonts.

12.20.03: There's a new font uploaded. New fonts will always be found at the bottom of the list. I also stuck this news thing inside an iframe, so it won't take up a lot of space when I keep adding more news, and I also added some style code for some not-default colored scrollbars. Yay. Enjoy!

12.19.03: soundfonts.darkesword.com is launched! So far I've only got a few fonts here, but I'll update throughout the coming months, and continue to update when I get more good sounds. Be sure to check back regularly.