Throughout my mixing career, I've been fortunate to come across some excellent free samples in the form of soundfonts. Many times people ask me where I get my samples, and I'm unable to give out really good links, because I can't remember where I've gotten them! To remedy this problem, I've set up this mini-site to provide people with the soundfonts I frequently use.



sfpack [195 KB] - Use this program to decompress the downloaded soundfonts.

Squidfont Orchestral [26.0 MB] - An excellent font with a lot of nice string sounds, including sustained, detache, pizzacato, and tremolo. There are also some brass and wind sounds, as well as a decent orchestral percussion kit.

Tenor Saxophone [5.83 MB] - The notorious Tenor Saxophone soundfont. I've used this one a lot, and with good reason. It's got a bunch of patches in it, ranging from hard to soft sounds, as well as some 'section' sounds. Good stuff.

Alto Saxophone [7.73 MB] - An alto version of the previous font, seemingly made by the same author. I use this one a lot too, when I need to go higher than the tenor would allow.

Analog Age [74.2 KB] - A really great small soundfont with tons of analog style patches. Use some effects on these to come up with some nice leads.

Drums by Ken Ardency [3.63 MB] - This is one of my favorite acoustic kits. All of the sounds are really great, and the kit works well in a lot of different styles.

Tubular Bells [982 KB] - A nice bell font that really works well when you want some lower to midrange bell tones.

Harp [1.76 MB] - One of my favorite sounds. I love harps, and this is a great harp soundfont with lots of patches for subtle changes in the sound.

Drum Set Industrial [508 KB] - This is a great industrial drumkit with lots of mechanical sounds and stuff. Filter it a bit to get a nice mellow beat sound!

Setzer's SPC Soundfont [792 KB] - A fantastic soundfont I found that has sounds from Super Nintendo music. Great for a retro lo-fi sound. Tip: use the synth voice as an organ sound. It works really well.

Drums Congas [491 KB] - A great little congas font that I love to use to add a tropical feeling to my pieces. Try adding a delay effect to get some more complex rhythms.

Kik-Arse Bass [134 KB] - My most often used bass soundfont. This has a lot of different bass sounds, ranging from slap to synth. Check it out.

Timpani [2.45 MB] - A nice booming timpani with both regular timpani hits as well as rolls.

Roland Orchestral Rhythm [5.03 MB] - Some nice orchestral percussions sounds. Check out the tam tam and the gong.

JR Electric Piano [188 KB] - A solid, clear electric piano sound that I like to use sometimes.

Florestan Woodwinds [851 KB] - A few awesome woodwind sounds from the one and only Nando Florestan. There's a nice oboe in here that I love to use everywhere.

TGSF21x [30.1 MB] - A very good GM soundfont with lots of excellent sounds. The harp and flute in particular are quite nice. This was sent to me by Ailsean.

Ellade Drums [1.54 MB] - Dirty, brushy drumkit with a lot of personality. I like it a lot.

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